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Helsinn Advanced Synthesis - High Quality Chemical Manufacturer

Operated by the Swiss Braglia family since its founding in 1976, the Helsinn Holding pharmaceutical company produces medications for cancer and other rare diseases. The company’s research agenda includes treatments for non-small-cell lung cancer and nausea and vomiting brought on by chemotherapy.
In addition to its headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, Helsinn Holding has plants in Biasca, Switzerland and Dublin, Ireland, and maintains a marketing presence in the United States and China.

The Biasca and Dublin facilities comply with safety protocols and are routinely upgraded, with care taken at every step in the supply chain to ensure a pure product.
In addition to chemical compounds under the Helsinn name, the Biasca chemical facility Helsinn Advanced Synthesis also develop and produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for other pharmaceutical companies.
Since 1985, Helsinn Advanced Synthesis developed and produced active pharmaceutical compounds as well as high potency compounds and oncology compounds for clients in USA, Europe and Japan. Helsinn Advanced Synthesis is recognized around the world for its scientific rigor, high quality and ethical standards.

Aware of the need for environmentally-friendly operations, Helsinn Holding has launched sustainability initiatives, starting from its plant in Biasca. It uses energy-efficient construction and is striving to reduce net CO2 emissions to zero.

Awarded the Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation in 2018, the company supports organizations such as New Flower Foundation and the Conquer Cancer Foundation.

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